Negra Modelo

Constellation Brands: Chef Rick Bayless Influencer Experience

Negra Modelo, now referred to as Modelo Negra, wanted to create an experience for foodie influencers that generated authentic buzz around their partnership with the acclaimed Chef Rick Bayless in tandem with their “The Perfect Complement” campaign.

Creating passionate brand advocates who want to share brand content

At the Negra Modelo After Party and during the demonstrations, influencers got the chance to interact with our Negra Modelo Twitter Vending Machine.

This unique machine provided an innovative and exciting way for the brand to interact with guests and encourage social posting. When the influencers tweeted with #ThePerfectComplement, the machine responded in real-time by dispensing branded giveaways.

Legacy increased @NegraModeloUSA’s Twitter following by 18%!

Educational & Delicious Experience

“My thanks goes out to Negra Modelo and their team for putting together such an educational and delicious experience.”

The Food Poet

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