We believe in the power of authentic human connections.

At Legacy, we bring people and brands together through experiences that transcend the ordinary. We believe that in a world saturated with artificial connections, the key to capturing hearts, minds, and results is through immersive and authentic brand moments.

By creating these powerful connections between people and brands, we enable our clients to forge lasting relationships with their audience.

Passion differentiates us.Authenticity drives us.Creativity ignites us.Collaboration inspires us.Integrity grounds us.Positivity fuels us.

What we bring to every project.



We translate client objectives into action items through meaningful insights and data points.



Our team develops on-brand creative solutions that guide the entire user experience.



Working with our network of best-in-class partners, we turn our vision into a tangible experience.



Our team manages all logistics of the experience from day one to ensure every detail is perfect.



Our Analytics team tracks goals, measures results, and makes data-driven recommendations.

One-to-One Engagements
25 + Million
In 48 States & 22 Countries
135 Markets
For 100+ Clients Over 20 Years
0 K Programs

We work with great brands every day

Year after year, we’re proud our hard work is recognized.

Experience is everything.

We’re ready to bring your brand to life. Let’s build something great.