Constellation Brands: RSVP Blind Barber Collaboration

We created a unique and unexpected collaboration at one of the industry’s hottest events, connecting Modelo to influencers across art, fashion and entertainment and garnering more than 3.7 Million impressions in the process.

We redefined brand collaboration to create the standout event of ComplexCon.

To bring Modelo’s Fighting Spirit platform to life we connected it to two creative taste makers, RSVP Gallery and Blind Barber, creating the Modelo #RSVPbarbershop at ComplexCon.

The event mixed art, culture and celebration, hooking up attendees up with free haircuts, fresh nails by @astrowifey, a full bar of custom Modelo beer cocktails, and music from the best DJs in the city.

3.7 Million Impressions in one night.

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