Manchester City

US Tour

Leading up to Manchester City’s participation in the International Champions Cup, the team looked to grow their fanbase in the US and connect with their American supporter club members.

To promote and celebrate the team’s American expedition, we created a touring soccer festival where kids and players could come together and share their love for the sport.

Bringing Manchester to Main Street.

At stops in LA, Nashville and New York, fans of all ages got a player’s eye 360° VR view of the Etihad Stadium pitch, took shots against a robot goalkeeper and recorded their own reactions to Aguero’s infamous, cup-winning 93:20 goal.

Young soccer phenoms put their fancy footwork to the test in a skills challenge that was tracked with personal RFID bracelets and a live leader board. A few lucky participants even won tickets to the tour’s final big match in New York.

After the tour, the players had to leave, but all of the excitement had found a new permanent home.

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