Unlock the power of summer festivals for your brand activation

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It’s hard to believe as you’re zipping up your winter coat, but now is the time to start thinking about summer! Summer brand sampling, that is. Warm weather means festival season, and festivals are the perfect place for your brand to engage consumers, sample your incredible products, and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Festival sponsorship slots fill up fast (especially in crowded categories). Read on to see why it’s worth locking in your summer sampling platform today.


Large and Receptive Audiences – Summer festivals attract audiences that are eager to engage with new experiences, making them ideal for sampling and brand-sponsored activations. 

Unique Selling Points of Each Festival – Each festival offers its own distinct charm and unique selling points. From connecting through flavor at food festivals to the exhilarating performances at music festivals, you can tailor your brand’s narrative to resonate with the specific audience and atmosphere of each event.

Creative Opportunities for Brand Exposure – Summer festivals provide ample opportunities for brand exposure. From branded booths and sampling stations to interactive experiences and sponsorships, festivals offer a vibrant, high-energy environment where your brand can shine and make authentic connections.


Summer festival sampling makes sense for all sorts of brands! Whether you’re in the food and beverage industry, fashion, beauty, or technology sector, festivals and their diverse audiences provide an ideal platform to sample your products and gather targeted consumer insights.


The most exciting thing about sampling at summer festivals is the endless potential for creativity. From immersive experiences that bring the audience into a whole new world, to games and competitions, to personalized engagement, a great agency can help you find the strategy that’s right for your brand AND your audience. 

At Legacy, we’re experts in creating unique brand experiences that start conversations, intrigue audiences, collect meaningful data and drive sales. Our team of festival activation experts will work with your brand to design a festival sampling experience that guarantees you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Reach out to us today via Linked In or email ([email protected]) to discuss how Legacy can help your brand make a splash at summer festivals. We’re happy to share a list of our favorite summer festivals for sampling. 

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