Taste, touch & more: why in-person sampling is so effective

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In-person taste tests are no-brainers for food and beverage brands that want potential customers to try their products, but sampling is also important for brands across all types of industries. From beauty to health to fitness, experiencing a product firsthand can be a game-changer when it comes to launching new products and building brand loyalty.

Beauty Products: Beyond the Aesthetics

Beauty is all about the transformative power a product can have on your skin. Consumer sampling for beauty products allows consumers to experience not just the color of a product, but also the texture, scent, and overall sensation. It also gives brands the opportunity to explain how a new product can fit into an existing beauty routine, or why it might be the perfect solution to someone’s particular beauty question. From skincare to makeup, you can’t replace the in-person experience for making an informed purchase decision.

Health Products: Nurturing Well-being

When it comes to health products, authenticity is key. Whether it’s a supplement, a wellness gadget, or a fitness tracker, in-person interaction with the product can help potential customers evaluate the quality and usability of a product. (If you’ve ever ordered something online and had to look up tutorials on how to use it, you’ll know how valuable this is!) One-on-one engagement allows consumers to see firsthand how a health product aligns with their lifestyle and to boost trust and confidence in its effectiveness.

Fitness Products: Gear Up for Success

Fitness enthusiasts know the importance of the right gear. Trying out workout equipment, sportswear, or fitness accessories in person goes beyond aesthetics – it’s about comfort, functionality, and performance. An in-person experience helps athletes find gear that complements their unique body mechanics and workout preferences, making their fitness journey both more fun AND functional.

From beauty products to workout clothes, home decor to electronic gadgets, the sensory experience is vital for creating lasting emotional connections between consumers and products. The brand experience experts at Legacy can help you build in-person sampling events that drive growth and get brands in hands. Reach out to [email protected] for more information. 

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