How to attract customers back to the store

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The retail landscape has undergone significant transformations, particularly in the face of the ever-expanding online marketplace. To stay ahead of the competition and attract more customers, retailers and brands need to adopt innovative marketing strategies that create compelling in-store experiences while seamlessly integrating with the online world.

Tactics to Enhance the In-store Experience:

  • Host promotions, such as contests or sweepstakes, that require entry and/or redemption in-store: Engage your target audience by offering enticing prizes and rewards that can only be claimed in-store. This not only motivates customers to visit your store but also creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity.
  • Organize special events in and outside the store: Take advantage of the power of live experiences to attract customers. Consider hosting performances, demos and showcases, guest appearances and experiential activations that align with your audience. These events generate buzz, create memorable moments, and encourage people to visit your store to be part of the excitement.
  • Create a more immersive store experience: Immersive experiences captivate customers and foster a deep connection with your brand. Showcase your product or products in real-life, multisensory environments: Create in-store spaces that allow customers to interact in a realistic setting.
  • Bridge the gap with online
    • Ensure consistent pricing and the best deals with online purchases: Align your pricing strategies across both online and offline channels. This helps build trust and avoids customer frustration when they find price discrepancies. Consider offering price matching guarantees or providing online-exclusive discounts to maintain a competitive edge.
    • Provide access to online purchase options and best pricing: Cater to the preferences of modern shoppers by offering seamless integration between your physical store and online platforms. Enable customers to make purchases via your website or mobile app while still benefiting from in-store promotions and discounts.

Key Statistics:

  • A survey by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) found that 85% of consumers are more likely to visit a store if it hosts events or experiences.
  • Event Marketing Institute reported that 74% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after engaging with a branded event or experience.
  • A survey conducted by Jack Morton revealed that 65% of consumers who engaged with a brand through an experience were more likely to speak positively about the brand to others.
  • In a report by Deloitte, it was found that customers who shop both online and in-store have a 30% higher lifetime value compared to those who shop through a single channel.
  • A study conducted by Accenture revealed that 75% of consumers expect a consistent experience across multiple channels when interacting with a retailer.

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