How authentic ambassadors propel beauty brands to lasting success

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In a world captivated by fleeting social media fame, the health and beauty industry is inundated with “TikTok famous brands” and the allure of viral product frenzies. Celebrities and influencers reign supreme, generously compensated to launch brands into the stratosphere with grand promises of revolutionizing beauty regimes. But what happens when the contract ends and the “Insta-interest” starts to fade?

Legacy has the solution — one that does not expire with the influencer’s last paid post but thrives on building a timeless rapport with your audience.

The Legacy Difference

With over 20 years of direct field experience, Legacy caters to categories that benefit from sampling, trial, and education. We are experts in identifying the perfect Brand Ambassador for your brand, someone who doesn’t just represent your values but embodies them. Our authentic Brand Ambassadors offer more than a mere endorsement — they are the living embodiment of your brand’s core values and mission.

We’ve spearheaded the movement of trend influencer marketing since its inception, providing our clients with a competitive edge that’s stood the test of time and innovation. With a suite of proprietary benchmarks and analytics, we measure your campaign’s effectiveness, ensuring every touchpoint is not just monitored but optimized for enduring success.

Forging Authentic Connections

Our approach is simple yet effective: authenticity. In the spirits world, we engage Bartenders and Mixologists as Brand Ambassadors, creating a trust and loyalty that paid endorsements could never achieve. In the health and beauty sector, we hire professionals such as makeup artists and fashion stylists to bridge the gap between products and consumers, allowing for hands-on education and genuine endorsements.

Legacy doesn’t just connect, we resonate. We hire trusted experts and create memorable brand experiences that captivate audiences through the power of real stories, real influencers, and real results.

The Generation of Genuine Endorsements

In the discerning eyes of Gen Z and Millennials, credibility is not purchased; it’s earned. They seek validation from those who are masters of their craft, not just the paid personalities they see on their screens. This demographic trusts the integrity of category experts to help guide their choices. Authentic Brand Ambassadors are able to share genuine experiences and shape consumer perceptions with informed conviction.

The Legacy Blueprint

The quest for the ideal Brand Ambassador is more than a casting call — it’s an intricate process of identification, education, management, and strategy. We’ve honed this craft for over two decades, offering our clients a level of expertise unrivaled in the market.

Beyond our experience, history, and proven track record is our commitment to your brand’s evolution and success. We provide not just a face or a voice but a dedicated force, equipped and impassioned, to carry your brand message to your target audience.

The payoff? It’s seen in the sustained sales growth, heightened brand awareness, and authentic conversations that keep your products in the hearts and homes of consumers for years to come.

Your Strategic Advantage

Are you ready to foster an authentic, lasting connection with your audience? Let Legacy find the perfect Ambassadors for your brand.

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