Why Businesses Should Use TikTok: A Comprehensive Guide

TikTok is a unique social media platform that focuses on sharing short, natural, relatable videos that users may customize with subtitles and eye-catching overlays that are frequently matched to trendy and popular music. Additionally, it can seamlessly link with other social networking platforms, making content easy to distribute.

Now one might consider TikTok like any other social media platform, but as a person affiliated with a business, he/she just shouldn’t. TikTok and its fame around the globe in the current market might be a worthy long-term investment for your brand. TikTok users can create content of different durations and kinds, catering to their business, audience, and niche, unlike other major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Many businesses have achieved success on TikTok by offering access to an audience that other platforms don’t have because of the creativity, innovations, and exposure it affords. This establishes an entirely new level of engagement with the clientele your company is trying to reach, which is why businesses should use TikTok.

In a word, TikTok will help you increase your exposure, which in turn will increase the likelihood that clients will stay with your company, buy from you, and become more familiar with your brand. This will enable our company to communicate its content in the most natural, enjoyable, realistic, and authentic way by adopting a less formal, video-focused strategy.

Major Benefits of Marketing through TikTok


Enhances Brand Identity

With a growth rate of around 8% per year, TikTok had close to 78.7 million users in the United States in 2021 (Statista, January 2022). This number clearly depicts that TikTok offers an ample opportunity to enhance brand identity and connect with a large audience. Brands can opt for a unique approach to content sharing via TikTok, whichever way they deem effective to reach a wider audience and enhance their brand identity. 

Increase Brand Awareness

A common method to increase brand awareness through TikTok is the use of hashtags, which enables content producers to take advantage of popular trends and get a lot of traction from their posts. This means that you can significantly increase the number of views your videos receive by adjusting your content to a popular trend.

Enhances Authenticity of Brand Image

Most businesses have a threshold for leisure and humor it hasn’t reached yet, and TikTok is the best-suited way to connect your brand with the social media users, who crave human connection and authenticity, using TikTok’s light, whimsical, and entertaining content. Positioning your brand as one that’s easy to connect to will enhance customer engagement with your brand and will draw a positive image of your brand as one that your customers deem authentic. 

Reach Your Target Market Faster

Within only 6 years after its launch, TikTok has been downloaded over 3 billion times via Google Play Store and Apple App Store (Sensor Tower, 2022). Around 29% of TikTok downloaders use the app regularly, which makes TikTok the second-most engaged user base in the world (Sensor Tower, 2022). These data show that you can easily reach a larger target market within a shorter period, that too across the globe. 

Budget-Friendly for Business

The best thing about using TikTok for business is that it can bring you success within any sized budget. It’s easy for lesser-known brands to get more organic reach via TikTok without spending a lot, making it the most attractive and affordable option for growth. 

How to Use TikTok as a Marketing Tool

Using TikTok to achieve your goal can be tricky, as there are many ways to do that. If one cannot figure out the perfect way to cater to their audience, they will not be able to edge on the most. Here are a few things one should know about using TikTok as a marketing tool:

Find Out the Prevalent Trends 


Figuring out the ongoing trends around different subjects lets you know the type of content your target audience wants to see. This will help you to create content aligning your brand image with your audience’s expectations.

Use a Laid-back, Less Commercial Approach

TikTok is more of a casual platform for the users to express themselves instead of creating polished and well-thought content freely. So TikTok is more of a freely accessible creative space rather than a platform to portray heavily commercial-style productions. So you have to create humor-filled content related to your business that people can connect to, which at the same time covers your brand culture, values, and identity so that you can be genuine to your audience and stay true to the brand at the same time.

Post About Your Location

For small businesses, location can be a key factor as it will help people find the area of your business and will help you create some videos that cater to the local area. This will make your product more accepting and relatable to the locals.

Hashtag Challenges


Hashtag challenges are a great way to encourage your desired audience to engage with your brand to create content, which might eventually, in turn, give your brand huge exposure. TikTok is all about creativity, and people seem to love these challenges. And once your audience finds the challenge interesting, it goes viral around the globe, getting your brand in front of a lot of new potential customers. 

Influencer Marketing

A large percentage of the famous content creators on TikTok are influencers, and brands collaborate with them to promote their companies. Every influencer has a different approach to content creation, so you can choose the best-suited one for your brand using analytics, and their videos will help your business reach a much larger audience due to their large number of followers. This is a very important aspect of using TikTok for business, which has recently gained quite a lot of attention due to its success.

Organic Posts

TikTok is being used by marketers daily to connect with new audiences. For more visibility and interest, most of them favor organic content strategies. User-generated content, which results from encouraging your audience to make and share films, is among the best organic techniques most businesses utilize on TikTok.

Duet Feature 


One of the most well-liked TikTok features is “Duet.” Users who use the TikTok app may dance or lip sync to their favorite songs. On the same screen, they will display side by side. Businesses can carefully use the “Duet” feature to grow their fan base, boost engagement, and create a solid rapport with their audience.

Real-Time Analytics 

For Pro customers, TikTok just debuted its real-time analytics function. These metrics enable you to monitor your profile’s effectiveness, comprehend your audience’s demographics, and more. TikTok analytics give you the means to enhance the material you post, so enhancing your company.

TikTok and Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing on TikTok is the process of working with content producers to create quick TikTok videos that advertise your company. By utilizing the powerful benefits of social proof and brand trust, influencer marketing helps firms avoid being pushy.

According to a recent Ad Week study, 49% of TikTok users have bought a good or service from a company after seeing its advertisements, promotions, or reviews on the app (AdWeek, 2021). The trust between followers and their preferred content creators underlies this propensity to spend based on an influencer’s recommendation. Influencers will greatly increase the likelihood that their audience will follow and trust your business once they have introduced it to them. You must work with influencers to share your brand on their terms and in their own distinctive voices to achieve this.

Here are some key points to be considered before you jump on to start influencer marketing through TikTok:

Determine Your Niche

It’s important to find your niche in TikTok, which will allow you to narrow down potential influencers with a segmented audience likely to enjoy and engage with your brand. Getting a specific niche to find users interested in your brand is beneficial.

If you’re confused about it, TikTok’s platform does the work for you. You can find trending hashtags, popular challenges, and viral videos related to your niche if you click on the ‘Discover’ tab at the bottom of the TikTok app.

Starting a search for key terms related to your brand is another option. You can put the key term in the search bar, and it will show you a list of results related to the topic you were searching for. 

Find Influencers in Your Niche

It’s not mandatory to set aside a huge budget for TikTok influencers because you’ll be looking for anyone whose content aligns with your brand and can have an impact on your business. You can search for them via Google by mentioning your keywords about your brand.  You can also find them via relevant hashtags on TikTok. 

Moreover, you can reach them through TikTok Creator Marketplace, which is an analytics tool within TikTok to see an influencer’s reach, views, engagement, and demographics. For that, a brand is required to register an account, and upon approval, they can contact the influencers directly from there.

1. Set Up Tracking Based on Campaign Goals

Setting up proper tracking measures to see how well your campaign achieves the predetermined goals, be it brand awareness or sales, will help you understand how to make the best out of it. For instance, it’s preferred to partner up with an influencer having a large follower base if your goal is brand awareness, whereas if your goal were sales, you would want to partner up with a niche creator who has a strong audience that is relevant for your brand.

2. Create Campaign Guidelines Giving Room for Creative Freedom

It’s crucial to let a content creator know your expectations while also giving them creative autonomy over the film.

People don’t spend time on TikTok to watch polished content, and it’s all about fun, creativity, and being real on TikTok. Influencers know that very well, and allowing them the creative control of the content will just boost your goal.  If you only send over the campaign’s main goal and message, any specific talking point you want or not in the content and the campaign timelines, and let the influencers handle the rest of it, your campaign is surely going to succeed.  

Probable Drawbacks

Life in the social media realm isn’t always a game of fun and games, not even on TikTok, because TikTok marketing has advantages and disadvantages that could make or destroy your online efforts, just like its more established rivals.

The cons of using TikTok for business are listed below, which you may utilize to optimize your social media marketing plan and scale it for success.

There’s a Risk of Ruining Your Brand’s Reputation

Your brand’s reputation can take years to build but only seconds to destroy. Serious repercussions could result from your content and the way you sell your company. 

A brand might risk its reputation by trying to be extra funny on TikTok when its brand identity doesn’t align with that. This will confuse the audience and can do some serious damage to your brand’s reputation. Again if you opt for influencer marketing, and you collaborate with one without doing a background check or knowing him/her well, if the influencer gets in trouble, it can damage your brand’s reputation as well.

Creative Limitations

TikTok has limited the creativity of its users, i.e. it can only post videos, not any text or pictures. This leads to more time required to create content for your audience. And it is tough always to communicate your brand message in these short videos, so it also adds to the list.  

Advertising Costs Can Balloon

In addition to the price of making high-quality videos, advertising on TikTok isn’t exactly the most affordable option. If you’re still not familiar with TikTok advertising, you might be surprised to learn that the least daily budget you can spend on an In-feed Ad is about $50. You’ll need to be cautious and resourceful when putting that amount toward advertisements. So using TikTok for business advertisement can be tricky here, and one should plan a layout for the ads considering the costs.


TikTok enables you to take the vital first step in marketing to Gen Z, a generational cohort that is challenging to reach and whose importance is growing as they gain more importance in the economy. It’s not impossible to market to younger generations; you just have to be flexible, add some humor, and give them something to relate to. And this is the whole focus of TikTok.

TikTok for Business, which offers digital marketers a variety of tools to help them enhance the impact of their ad campaigns, was formally introduced by TikTok in 2020. This made it possible for companies to interact with and expand their TikTok audience. Large and small businesses must optimize and present their content to turn ardent TikTok viewers into loyal customers as the site continues to acquire popularity.


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