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Welcome to Legacy Marketing

Hello and welcome to Legacy Marketing! If you are responsible for truly connecting your brand story with your audience, you are in the right place.

At the beginning of 2021, we decided to update Legacy’s website to do a better job of:

  • Reflecting what the company is
  • Revealing who we are
  • Sharing what we believe

We want to put ourselves in the best position to connect with the people at companies who will benefit from working with us. Those of you looking for leaders in the evolution of experiential marketing, who are passionate about ideas and problem-solving.

Telling your own story can be the hardest one to tell, so I knew exactly who to call to help us out. Especially, when it comes to SEO and website design….

If you don’t know Andy Crestodina, you are missing out. He’s the co-founder at Orbit Media Studios, an award-winning web design and development company located in our hometown, the great city of Chicago.

But Andy’s so much more than that. I met him when I became a regular at the weekly Wine & Web series in 2011, soaking up as much knowledge as I could. Andy is a brilliant leader in content marketing, an amazing teacher and bottomline, an all-around great guy.

“When creating content, be the best answer on the Internet.”
– Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media Studios

We believe that Legacy Marketing is the best answer for consumer brand managers, corporate marketing teams, C-Suite executives searching for fresh thinking, and basically any marketer looking for an agency partner to help craft ground-breaking ideas that can bring their brand story to life in the real world.

The team at Orbit has helped bring our own story into this new website. So, please allow me to give you a quick tour and introduce you to Legacy Marketing.

What is Legacy Marketing?

Legacy is an Experiential Brand Marketing Agency. We believe in the power of experience and the stories that experience creates.

One of the first things we realized is that our depth of experience in the evolving world of experiential marketing is unmatched. We really needed to bring this to the forefront.

Our capabilities are now broken into four categories that reflect our approach to creating experiences and the capabilities that we have:

If you are interested in learning about the journey we took at Legacy to discover our story, check out this blog post.

As an agency, when you’ve created thousands of programs for hundreds of clients over the course of a few decades, it can become too much to share! We’ve created streamlined case studies that you can find on the Portfolio page.

You can find a cross-section of our work there, which we will continually add to. In addition to the most recent projects we create, we will revisit some of the historical work we are most proud of through the lens of our continually evolving marketing world.

We are committed to helping companies live their best story by making experience a central part of their brand essence. We hope that these examples can help people in our field push the envelope and do their best work, while also getting to know us a little better at the same time.

Who is Legacy Marketing?

I walked back into the doors at 640 N. Lasalle to begin working at Legacy Marketing in October of 2019, almost exactly nine years to the day from when I had left to work on my own. The number one reason I committed to doing this was because of the people.

The Executive Leadership team is the most fearless, creative and independent group that I’ve ever worked with. They founded Legacy Marketing in 2003 after breaking away from one of the large holding companies, still prevalent in much of the industry. While the intentions of holding companies were to create efficient collaborations across marketing disciplines, the actual results were usually mired in the opposite.

“Maintaining Legacy Marketing’s independence over all of these years has allowed our company to consistently push the envelope when it comes to creating ideas and also allowed for some amazing partner collaborations.”
Chris Kapsalis, Legacy Partner and Head of Strategy

What makes Legacy truly special extends well beyond the people at the top though!

One of our driving themes is the Experience is Everything and this is reflected in our people across the board. Employees at Legacy, from analysts to creatives to account planners to client service, consistently display a passion for creating stories born out of experience. This is not simply based on length of career or number of projects worked on, but even more importantly, a diversity of age, passions and interests.

When you work with Legacy, you work with real people who see themselves as an extension of your team. Please get to know a little more about our team and what makes us tick on the About page!

Throughout the new website, you will also find short videos featuring members of the Legacy team explaining what they’ve done, what they’re passionate about and demonstrate a taste of what we can do for people like you.

We conducted two video shoots in April and May, when the pandemic (remember that?) still made getting together in person a challenge. In this instance, I turned to a long-time trusted partner in Noeleen McGrath, President of McGrathComm. Noeleen and the best at getting people to talk freely and unscripted about what they know, and we worked together to ensure safe practices were maintained.

What Does Legacy Marketing Believe?

Only now are we able to glimpse how ‘publishing’ can empower marketing and marketers in more fundamental, important ways—beyond checking the box on a bunch of tactics. It can take us deeper into unmapped territory, to help us to flush out the richer story of our businesses, our purpose, our Why.” Ann Handley – post

We are entering a new age of experience in marketing. At Legacy Marketing, we’re excited to again lead the way in the evolution of experiential marketing. We’re ready to lead brands that are ready to put experience at the center of their marketing.

We believe that brands that activate their brand essence by storydoing more than just storytelling are more successful. Rather than just telling a brand’s story, bring that story to life!

We are confident that our collective knowledge is unmatched and invite you to experience the energy created when we dive into an RFP. We love challenges and relish problem-solving!

We will share our experience and thoughts on the evolution of experiential marketing within this blog moving forward, so please be sure to bookmark this page.

What Can Legacy Marketing Do for YOU?

So, where are you at in your planning process?

We can leverage our experience to help you design ground-breaking experiences for 2022 and beyond, or we can help out if you find yourself in a bind at the last minute as you’re about to bring your brand experience to market.

Our objective with this new website is to make it easier for us to have conversations with the people that we can help. Those wanting their brands to stand out. A promising future provides a fresh canvas for experiential marketing, and we intend to provide assistance to the marketing departments out there looking for a helping hand that they can trust.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Let’s set up time to talk about you. Let’s create your brand’s memorable legacy.

You can also download the Legacy Capabilities PDF here to share with your colleagues, co-workers or partners we may be able to help!


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