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Play Ball!

Have you felt it?

My phone buzzed with notifications a few Fridays ago, as Chicago friends shared pictures and stories from Wrigley Field’s Opening Day 2.0. Music festivals that are staples on the annual calendar, from Riot Fest to Pitchfork to Lollapalooza, have announced dates, lineups and protocols for operating procedures. Bars and restaurants are reopening and travel plans are back into consideration!

While the surprise dyeing of the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day offered a glimmer of hope, the social and in turn, marketing landscape, is now definitely opening up. Event Marketer’s Ticker, highlights an expanding list of events set to take place in person in the near future. It’s an exciting time that some have compared to a second coming of the Roaring 20’s a century ago.

“Play ball!” is the resounding message, as the country shares in moments of hope. There’s a collective sense that we are entering the dawn of a new day. Yet as a marketer, you may still be trying to figure out what the “new normal” will look like for you and your brand(s).

“Please think about your legacy, because you’re writing it every day.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

If you are a marketer that believes your audience’s experience is the driving force behind you and your brand’s success. If you’re ready to create your legacy, then contact us today.

If you aren’t familiar with Legacy Marketing or better yet, if you think you know who Legacy Marketing is and what it is we can do for our client partners, then we ask that you spend a few minutes to get to know a bit about us. We want to share who we are, what we’ve gone through and how we believe we’re better poised to help brands connect with their audiences moving forward. We’ve invested in this new website that will allow us to better do that moving forward!

We Learn from Reflecting on Experience

Much like just about everyone else, the last 15 months provided challenges for us as an agency. This has been an unprecedented period of time, limiting brands and agencies’ ability to connect with people in the powerful live medium with which we had become accustomed in experiential marketing. The world was already rapidly changing with consistent technological advances, and this pandemic increased the change exponentially.

As more of our employees feel comfortable returning to our offices, located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, there are a number of external changes. Our building’s amazing rooftop has a new tenant in bar avec and construction is underway in every direction.

Legacy team members gathered on building rooftop

Some of Legacy’s team members recently gathered on our building’s amazing rooftop following our monthly town hall meeting in June of 2021. Pool side brainstorming is back!

In addition to those external changes, we’ve gone through a number of internal changes as well. We’ve adapted to market conditions by making difficult staffing decisions in 2020. We continued to support our client partners. Experimenting, testing and learning along the way.

As an Independent Experiential Brand Marketing Agency, we’ve consistently displayed a willingness to take calculated risks and rely on our collective knowledge and experience. We’ve long held the belief that Experience is Everything.

Our founders, Kevin Berg and Vince Parrinello, spearheaded many facets of experiential marketing going back well beyond the inception of Legacy Marketing in 2003, including:

  • Pioneering and trade-marking Trend Influence Marketing
  • Developing three of the largest, most successful on-premise, nightlife programs
  • Leading the pop-up trend with award-winning, ground-breaking campaigns in the 2000’s
  • Incorporating digital brand extensions and social community connection points into experiential programming

“We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey

We are proud of the results from the programs Legacy has produced for our client partners over the years, but more importantly, we are proud of the people who represent the backbone of our company. We are confident that we are a stronger agency, and we are looking for the right client partners that we can help guide towards bringing their brand’s experience essence to life.

At Legacy, this really is the dawn of a new day.

Don’t just tell your brand story, bring it to life.

We believe brands that activate their brand essence by story doing more than just story telling are more successful. This process begins and is guided by Legacy’s Experience Strategy.

Please get to know our experienced leadership team. We work with companies to strategically articulate their brand core; creating their brand’s experience essence, which brings to life their brand’s differentiating intangibles that can make it relatable to their desired audience. We build consumer and customer experience into brand essence by putting your audiences at the center of your brand story. Experience Essence Brands build connections that resonate and can build loyalty beyond reason.

Juan and Chelsea at Legacy looking at the same laptop

Juan Herrera, Insight Strategist and Chelsea Whale, Analytics Supervisor, are integral parts of the Experience Strategy team at Legacy Marketing.

We help brands live their brand story, moving them from simply storytelling to storydoing: having the empathy to put their audience at the center of the story. Each brand’s situation is unique. This is just a sampling of some of the tactical areas within which we’ve been hired to assist our client partners in discovering and defining their experience essence based on their needs:

Experience Strategy

  • Customized Research
  • Consumer and Trend Analysis
  • Key Audience Identification
  • Message Mapping
  • Campaign Creation
  • Brand Development

While we believe that strategically starting from a place of understanding a brand’s experience essence is critical, the insights that lead to ideas can still fall flat in the execution. There are a lot of variables to consider and we are the experienced agency partner who has a proven track record of bringing those ideas to life.

Bringing Experiences to Life

At Legacy, we believe that Experience Strategy feeds both Consumer and Corporate Experiences.

Legacy is an Experiential Brand Marketing Agency that is unique in that we’ve planned, designed and executed thousands of experiences for both our B2B and B2C client partners since our inception in 2003. We’ve been fortunate to work with mavericks at some of the largest companies and interesting brands to design award-winning experiential programming.

We’ve harnessed the knowledge to effectively employ empathetic programming that connects and resonates with our clients’ audiences in today’s cluttered message landscape, merging live and digital hybrid experiences.

This is just a sampling of some of the tactical areas within which we’ve been hired to assist our client partners in bringing their stories to life:

Consumer Experiences

  • Virtual, Live and Hybrid Event Design and Production
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Sensory Product Sampling
  • Capturing Authentic Content
  • Mobile Tours
Corporate Experiences

  • Key Stakeholder Engagement
  • Content Driven Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Boosting Employee Morale
  • Maximizing Incentive Impact
  • Internal Branding Initiatives

“Legacy continues to step it up in everything you do and play such an important role in the connection point between Jameson and our consumers.” – Matt Foley, Jameson Brand Director

How Do You Amplify Your Experience Engagement Strategy?

A focal point for Legacy is working with our client partners to bring their brand’s message to their audience, while staying true to the brand’s experience essence. When you expand your networks, you create more storytellers. Your experiences get told to more people.

This can happen through strategic, creative partnerships, like our award-winning Consumer Experience activations at the Great American Beer Festival with our client partners at Jameson and currently with our Corporate Experience activations with HGTV stars, The Cousins, with our client partners at Knauf. Better distribution networks and connections with relevant social communities strengthen and extend their brand’s experience essence.

Digital brand extensions, like the Corona Hard Seltzer Flavor Matchmaker Platform, offer amplified reach. Experiential digital tactics also provide our Analytics Department additional consumer touchpoints to continually monitor and evaluate. This allows us to provide you the data we need to adapt quickly as market conditions change.

As an independent agency, Legacy built a network of connections in numerous industries, as well as partnerships with leading technology providers to customize solutions for our client partners, based on their needs.

How Can Legacy Marketing Help You?

How should you evaluate your brands, your marketing mix and most importantly, your audience that you need to connect with?

While media buying agencies like Interpublic Group’s Magna forecast historic growth in their 2021 media ad revenue, the highest in 40 years, we believe that it’s critical for brands to first look inward with an audience’s experience in mind. Defining your brand’s experience essence is important before investing in reach.

We are entering a new age of experience in marketing. At Legacy Marketing, we’re excited to again lead the way in the evolution of experiential marketing. We’re ready to lead brands that are ready to put experience at the center of their marketing.

Our teams work with each other, and work with you, to come up with memorable experiences that surprise your customers. We adjust based on data. We provide results based on what actually works.

So, where are you at in your planning process?

We can leverage our experience to help you design ground-breaking experiences for 2022 and beyond, or we can help out if you find yourself in a bind at the last minute as you’re about to bring your brand experience to market.

We will share our experience and thoughts on the evolution of experiential marketing within this blog moving forward, so please be sure to bookmark this page.

Let’s set up time to talk about you. Let’s create your brand’s memorable legacy.

You can also download the Legacy Capabilities PDF here to share with your colleagues, co-workers or partners we may be able to help!


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