• Yokohama


    When Yokohama Tire launched their new off-roading tire, they turned to us to create a media buzz and strategically connect with their dealer network.

    To unveil the new product, we created an adrenaline-filled, off-road adventure supported by scenic dinners and immersive education sessions.

  • We took Yokohama far off the beaten path.

    Working with off-road experts and local geologists, we carved out trails and a Baja course that pushed the new tires to their limits. In addition to the off-road experience, guests were treated to a ride-along with Motocross legend Ricky Johnson, a welcome dinner at the Gateway Canyons Automobile Museum, and a picnic-style southwest smoke-out farewell campfire.

    The event earned major coverage in every automotive publication that was invited and 89% of dealers who attended agreed to carry and feature the product.