Clash Tour

Wilson came to Legacy looking for a highly focused marketing campaign to place their revolutionary new racket in the hands of tennis players who would know the difference. Through our engagement of influencers from Serena Williams on down to local tennis pros, tennis enthusiasts would see the campaign as credible sources of information.

To unveil the game-changing product, we launched a mobile tour for The Clash that sparked a movement—connecting Wilson with the top 1,500 influencers in the country and catapulting the racket to its place as the most successful launch in brand history.

The Entire Tour Served As A Content Generator

The Wilson Clash Revolution Tour hit 18 markets around the country, giving players a hands-on demo experience and letting Wilson get real-time reactions and feedback.

The tour also reinvigorated Wilson’s social presence with daily content capture and posting, boosting engagement, and fostering meaningful brand-consumer interactions around the racket.

Legacy activated the #1 product launch in Wilson’s 106-year history.

Got My Best Play Back

“I got my hands on my new tour and got my best play back instantly."

Better With Every Use

“If you don’t have a tennis raquet yet, then I would definitely recommend this one! If you already have one, I would recommend this one! I love it more and more every time I use it.”

Love This Product

“I switched from Babolat Pure Drive to this racket, and I am super happy with it. I love it!”


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