Olympics Partnership

An economic downturn and slide in new construction left USG – a global building supplies manufacturer – battling low employee morale and industry-wide unrest. The company needed a bold thematic and positive rallying cry to re-energize its employees and customers.

We made the power of the Olympics resonate in USG’s boardrooms, breakrooms and building sites.

To create a cultural shift at USG we built a multi-faceted rebranding campaign centered around the Olympics and Paralympics.

We created experience-based activations that brought USG’s new brand pillars to life through the Olympic ethos.

The program culminated at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where the USG team participated in Olympic-caliber team-building exercises, content-rich business sessions, and guest celebrity keynotes.

$5.5 Million average increase from top customer attendees

94% of attendees felt engaged with the new brand post event

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