Experience Amplification

Strategic partnerships. Connections with meaning. More ways to share your story

Because Real Life Stories Make The Best Content

You know you’ve done something right when your audience wants to share your story. That doesn’t happen with bland slogans and easy gimmicks. Let’s build something that is shareable and opens up new markets.

It comes from doing something meaningful, creating something inspiring. It comes from including your audience in the story. At Legacy, we use content distribution and collaboration to generate buzz before, during and beyond the experience.

Fueling Content Generation
 Social Media Messaging & Content Distribution
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Influencers & Collaborations

How Do You Amplify Your Engagement Strategy?

When you expand your networks, you create more storytellers. Your experiences are shared with more people. That happens through strategic, creative partnerships, better distribution networks, and connections with relevant social communities.

The Work

Evolving the Experiential Marketing Industry since 2003

Amplify the Right Experience

This is how we help you create the shareable moments


Using data and insights to put your audience at the center of your brand experience

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Consumer Experiences

Live, digital, and hybrid experiences that reach into the life of your audience

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Corporate Experiences

We develop stories that resonate beyond a few days and a large investment

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The Expertise To Change The Way You Distribute Content

Check out some of the insights we have on changing the game

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Turn Your Audience into Amplifiers

Today’s audiences are hungry for something authentic. You can give it to them. Let’s talk about creating something real.

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