Produce Large Scale Events

With no stress

Turnkey creative and operational services for producing live events and brand activations.


Producing events requires research and strategic planning, because as anyone who has ever produced an event, a wrong move costs time and money.


Most brands never transcend the banner ad or a commercial. But well planned immersive experiences can be linked with strong emotions that become seared in the brain!


Live events allows your brand to work closely with retail partners and community partners which helps increase support and differentiate the relationship.

There is No Room for Delays in Live Entertainment

“You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people.”


Preparation is the key to success. Planning an event may target markets where loyal customers are located, or areas where the brand is looking to expand, or some combination of both.


Designing an experience requires deep understanding of the consumer: their needs, wants, behaviors, and the context in which they will interact with your brand.


Your one-stop shop to handle all of the logistics, on-site setup and staffing. Live entertainment is very organized and time-sensitive. There is no room for delays or errors.

Perfectly Designed Tours with Always On-time Partners

Bartender’s Ball is a series of bartender-only events across 40+ markets and 400,000 bartenders that ar anti-corporate in feel and curated on a market-by-market basis.

Absolut Elyx combined forces with Water for People, a charity dedicated to bringing safe water to 4 million people. To highlight the partnership, we created a meaningful tour in the form of a giant water truck boutique.

a 10,000-square-foot luxury hotel-themed “pop-up” event, featuring the Stolichnaya brand vodka was featured across New York, Miami, Chicago, and San Francisco