How much does branding cost? Here’s your answer

If you are reading this, you know exactly what branding is and its power. For those, who do not, branding is not just about making the business visible; it is more than that. And Seth Godin- a popular marketing expert and an author, has explained it beautifully. “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, […]

Employee advocacy software can elevate your brand

Be it celebrity marketing, influencer marketing, or a brand ambassador program- a massive part of brand building and marketing is having people advocate for your product, brand, or company. And who better advocates for your brand are those who work behind it every day to make it a better experience?  That is where workplace empowerment […]

How brand awareness metrics help your brand

Want to know how to promote and let people recognize your brand? Brand awareness refers to the consumers’ knowledge of a specific brand or product. They are more likely to buy or recommend a business’s products to a colleague if they can recall and recognize them. Have no idea how well-known your brand is? Keep […]