Social media and globalization

Globalization has changed how business gets done and even how people live their lives around the world. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have made it easy to connect with people all over the world, even if you don’t know where they live or how to contact them through more traditional channels. If you’re curious […]

B2B email marketing best practices

The effectiveness of email marketing can’t be denied. For B2B companies, B2B email marketing has been proven time and time again to bring higher conversion rates than almost any other channel, including social media and display advertising. This makes it the perfect tool for B2B businesses looking to sell more products and services, attract new leads, or […]

Organic search vs paid search: the power of compound interest

Both organic and paid search can be a great revenue source for any business. If your customers are searching for your services online, you must do the necessary to make sure your website appears before them. Organic and paid search marketing is either of the two options you have at your disposal. While organic search […]

Instagram stories have a new trend

Avid users of the Instagram app have a trend to get on board – the Instagram Story Sticker. First rolled out in November 2021, beginning with pilots in Indonesia and Japan, this now global feature makes Instagram much more interactive, engaging, and collaborative. The “Add Yours” Sticker lets users create threads with their friends, encouraging […]

Is Google losing the search war to social media platforms?

Gen Z prefers to use TikTok to find things on the internet. Should Google worry? Typically, when older generations want to pick a restaurant to eat at, they’ll Google it and then use Google Maps to get to it. For the newer generations, however, it would seem that TikTok search is the way to go. […]