Building a Legacy With Every Client

What Makes Legacy Different? The Drive to Create Something New

Experience Our Seamless Approach to Big Ideas

At Legacy we work in a seamless environment to create the smoothest path to great experiences. We minimize friction so that the best, most effective ideas can move forward.

We Go Where the Data Takes Us

We don’t fall in love with an idea and then find data to support it (yes, agencies do this). We let real consumer data drive our thinking so that our ideas can drive results. Moreover, the power of live is that we get first-party data and feedback in real time; we can adjust our message and approach to maximize effectiveness, almost instantly.

Let Us Help You Build Your Brand’s Legacy

Better Data
Smarter Insights
Bigger Ideas for Live & Virtual Activations
Exceptional Execution
Active Analytics

Leading With Vision

To generate truly memorable experiences, you have to be thinking about tomorrow. You have to know what people will care about next week. And you have to know where you want your brand to be next year.

The leadership team at Legacy is relentlessly focused on creating the framework for you to win today and grow tomorrow. We’re here to help you grow. We’re driven to tell your story.

Meet The Teams Building Your Brand Legacy

Our teams are dreamers, builders, planners, and analysts. They are customer-driven. They are passionate about ideas. They want to see something different, because they know you deserve something different.

When you work with Legacy, you work with real people who see themselves as an extension of your team.

Meet the Team

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Come Work With Us. Build Your Own Legacy.

We get to create never-before-tried experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands. We get to create with some of the most creative people in the world. We get to challenge ourselves, and challenge our clients. And we have a lot of fun doing it (how does a rooftop pool sound?).

Does that sound like something that would drive you? Let’s talk. Let’s build your Legacy.

Let’s Imagine. Let’s Create. Let’s Engage.

You don’t have customers. You have an audience who wants an experience.

Let’s create one for them, together.

Let’s Talk.