Take Your Brand on Tour

Without the Headache

Turnkey creative and operational services for product sampling and event marketing roadshows.


Creating a tour requires research and strategic planning, because as anyone who has ever gone on tour knows, a wrong turn costs time and money.


Most brands never transcend the banner ad or a commercial. But well planned immersive experience can be linked with strong emotions that become seared in the brain!


A tour also allows your brand to work closely with retail partners and community partners which helps increase support and differentiate the relationship.

There is No Room for Delays in Live Entertainment

“You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people.”


Preparation is the key to success. Planning the roadmaps may target markets where loyal customers are located, or areas where the brand is looking to expand, or some combination of both.


Designing an experience requires deep understanding of the consumer: their needs, wants, behaviors, and the context in which they will interact with your brand.


Your one-stop shop to handle all of the logistics, on-site setup and staffing. Live entertainment is very organized and time-sensitive. There is no room for delays or errors.

Perfectly Designed Tours with Always On-time Partners

At stops in LA, Nashville and New York, fans of all ages got a player’s eye 360° VR view of the Etihad Stadium pitch.

The L’Oreal Colorspaces experience delivered individualized beauty consultations in an immersive branded environment. Consumers received on-the-spot makeovers and personalized education.
The Wilson Clash Revolution Tour hit 18 markets around the country, giving players a hands-on demo experience and letting Wilson get real-time reactions and feedback.