Introducing TikTok Spark Ads: A New Player in the World of Advertising

Released on the app store in 2016, social media phenomenon TikTok garnered a massive following during the Covid-19 pandemic. While most online platforms tend to draw in a younger crowd, TikTok is favored by a wider age range, baby boomers included.  

The immensely popular entertainment app catapulted many of its users to superstardom overnight, permanently altering the idea of fame as we know it. However, that isn’t the only aspect of society the app has changed.     

The platform’s popularity has made it the best marketing tool available today. TikTok Spark Ads are a unique branding style used to establish a real connection with other TikTokers. TikTok Spark Ads offer the best of both worlds, permitting brands to create digital advertisements from organic TikToks. 

What are TikTok Spark Ads, Exactly?


TikTok Spark Ads are a refreshing advertising format that allows brands to boost their own posts organically, or through other creators on the app. In other words, TikTok Spark Ads will appear in their follower’s feed without resembling a traditional advertisement. 

Better yet, users can comment, like, and share TikTok Spark Ads, just like traditional posts. They can visit your company or brand’s profile simply by swiping left, clicking the handle name, or tapping on the profile picture when viewing TikTok Spark Ads. 

Let’s Talk Numbers!

TikTok Spark Ads have a 142% higher engagement rate than traditional In-Feed ads. Additionally, TikTok Spark Ads garner a 43% higher conversion rate. Numbers don’t lie. 

Incredibly, TikTok currently has over 1 billion active users as of 2021. Thanks to the nature of the algorithm, even users with a smaller following can earn millions of views from one video post. TikTok Spark Ads are a highly effective marketing tool.  

The app is the most used social media platform today, with nearly 90 percent of its users opening the app on a daily basis. In addition to this, TikTok users are highly active on the app; liking, commenting, and sharing videos they find entertaining. In other words, TikTok Spark Ads are an extremely valuable marketing tool. 

Knowing the statistics behind the world’s most popular app, it’s clear that companies have the opportunity to reach consumers on a global scale using TikTok Spark Ads. Not only that, but they’re growing at unprecedented rates. TikTok Spark Ads play a huge role in the platform’s marketing game. 

When is it Necessary to Use TikTok Spark Ads?


When considering using TikTok Spark Ads to promote your brand or product, you have the option to work with a creator, or use your own organic posts as TikTok Spark Ads.  

It’s necessary to use TikTok Spark Ads when:

  • You want to grow your digital marketing campaign 
  • You’re looking to build your social presence as quick as possible
  • You’re interested in increasing your conversion rates 
  • You want to target a specific audience 

Whatever your reasoning may be, TikTok Spark Ads can fuel a connection between a brand and the public. Consumer-business relationships are vital to a company’s long-term success. 

According to an article posted by TikTok, roughly 60% of users said they “felt a sense of community” while using the app. As of today, there isn’t a better alternative to marketing. TikTok Spark Ads are the key to reaching consumers on a personal level. 

The Importance of Authenticity in Spark Ads


TikTok Spark Ads that perform the best often tell their stories in the most charming ways possible. To produce TikTok Spark Ads that are authentic to viewers, you must incorporate sentimental values that could involve family, friends, love, or compassion. 

The user wants to see content they can relate to in some way. This is how you’ll initially grab their attention in TikTok Spark Ads. 

TikTok Spark Ads should always be:

  • Positive
  • Upbeat 
  • Lighthearted 
  • Familial 
  • Entertaining 

TikTok Spark Ads require a healthy combination of sentimental values, familial relations, and entertainment. Many TikTok Spark Ads incorporate humor into their content in order to appear more relatable. 

The Key to Captivating Content for TikTok Spark Ads

Drawing in a viewer right off the bat is easier than keeping them engaged for more than a few seconds. For TikTok Spark Ads, this is where the entertainment value comes in. 

Advanced editing skills, a stellar soundtrack, and visually intriguing content all play an important role in the engagement process. TikTok Spark Ads have to be entertaining from start to finish, or you risk the user swiping up. 

To produce successful TikTok Spark Ads, get to know the app from top to bottom.

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So, How Does TikTok Spark Ads Work? 

TikTok is undoubtedly a virtual powerhouse. To master the app’s marketing game, you need to understand its makeup, especially when creating TikTok Spark Ads. 

When a user makes an account on TikTok, they can discover videos through the use of hashtags and a specific algorithm. While logged into the app, every user is met with an individually curated feed on their homepage, also known as the “For You Page”. TikTok Spark Ads can also appear on this page. 

This is where TikTokers can discover brand new content and other users to follow. TikTok places the individually curated content on the “For You Page” based on digital signals observed by the algorithm, effecting the performance of TikTok Spark Ads. 

TikTok’s algorithm runs on the following factors:

  • A video’s information including: captions, hashtags, genre, and sounds
  • A user’s individuals settings; their language, device, country
  • User interactions; types of content they interact with, accounts they follow

Amazingly, various forms of content have a high chance of going viral, especially TikTok Spark Ads. The platform narrows in on content it regards as interesting and engaging. Challenges, dances, and even pranks can generate millions of views on the app in as little as 24 hours. 

Users will rely on trending hashtags or sounds when creating TikTok Spark Ads to garner these numbers. This is the best way to gain visibility on TikTok. 

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Break the 4th Wall in TikTok Spark Ads 


Top performing TikTok Spark Ads feature creators showcasing a product’s features, engaging in a real conversation with viewers. Rather than appearing like a sappy or cheesy advertisement, the content feels more personable. 

TikTok Spark Ads are a refreshing form of digital advertising that kicks traditional marketing habits to the curb, introducing a more authentic approach. 

During a creator’s demonstration, they ask viewers questions, provoking honest reactions in the process. TikTok has welcomed the most genuine form of advertising of our time. The authentic aspect of TikTok Spark Ads has contributed to their massive success. 

The term “breaking the fourth wall” refers to an artist acknowledging the audience’s existence. On TikTok, creators promoting products or brands are conversing with viewers as if they share a legitimate relationship through TikTok Spark Ads.

This is how they establish a valuable connection with potential consumers; they feel as though they are talking to a friend or someone they’re comfortable with. When a consumer feels a genuine connection to TikTok Spark Ads, they’re more likely to purchase the product on display. 

Where to Begin

TikTok Spark Ads are shorter in length than traditional video advertisements. With that being said, it’s important all TikTok Spark ads are entertaining in nature. There should be a simple storyline to follow in TikTok Spark Ads, without boring users. 

Viewers should be able to resonate with TikTok Spark Ads. A consumer’s loyalty to a brand will build over time. 

Spark Ads vs. Non-Spark Ads

Unlike traditional advertisements, TikTok Spark Ads offer a unique advertising solution for marketers via social media. TikTok Sparks Ads target a specific audience on a much wider scale. In fact, they behave quite differently from older advertising techniques. 

TikTok Spark Ads allow viewers to click on the account’s profile picture or username, where they’ll be directed to the page. From there, the viewer can purchase or learn more about the product or brand. 

TikTok Spark Ads do more than provide metrics on paid clicks. They behave as normal videos on the platform, appearing more authentic in nature. TikTok Spark Ads fuel a long-lasting marketing impact crucial to a company’s continual success. 

Traditional advertisements work with stale techniques that typically don’t resonate with viewers. TikTok Spark Ads can amass a powerful following that turns viewers into loyal consumers. 

Triumph With Spark Ads


TikTok Spark Ads reach nearly 885 million people worldwide. The app’s ad revenue is expected to triple in the next year, making it a valuable asset to your social media strategy. 

TikTok Spark Ads require creativity, entertainment value, familiarity, and emotional appeal to trigger success on the platform. TikTok Spark Ads are incredibly useful for businesses seeking to grow their consumer base. 

TikTok Spark Ads that are entertaining are likely to achieve more exposure on the platform. Join digital marketing’s latest wave and surpass your greatest expectations of success. The beauty of TikTok Sparks Ads is their ability to prompt long-term benefits.  

TikTok Spark Ads are certainly the future of marketing as we know it.


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