Trevor Stowe

Associate Creative Director

About Trevor

As Associate Creative Director, it’s my job to concept big brand ideas and give them a unique voice.

After art school, I jumped straight into the ad world and worked on a myriad of high-profile brands. Global conglomerates certainly have their perks, but I came to Legacy in search of a more personal, human approach to marketing. I believe the best ROI sits at the crossroads of maximum creativity and minimum B.S. So I immediately felt right at home at Legacy.

Outside of the office, my passion for experience continues to inform my work. I’m constantly out and about at museums, galleries, concerts, baseball games, and bars—sometimes all in the same day. Then I use that knowledge to curate new experiences for others. Kinda cool.

Memorable Experiences

  • Living in Hong Kong
  • Walking down the Grand Gallery of The Louvre for the first time
  • Attending the Corona concert series I helped create


  • Art History
  • Techno
  • The Tour de France

Let’s Imagine. Let’s Create. Let’s Engage.

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