Mark Driggs

EVP, Business Operations

About Mark

Chris Kapsalis

As executive vice president – business operations Mark serves on the executive management/ownership team that has grown Legacy to one of the largest independent marketing agencies in the country.  He oversees the human resources, information technology, legal/compliance, risk management, procurement, communications and administration teams within the agency.


He is an established, entrepreneurial and results-oriented executive with a 25+ year track record of driving performance, accelerating growth and creating value for organizations by optimizing and developing workforces, aligning and integrating teams, facilitating and enhancing culture, ensuring employee engagement and collaboration, and implementing operational processes and efficiencies in dynamic settings.


Mark has a passion for travel, the outdoors/environment and arts.  He enjoys exploring new places, walking, running, hiking and boating, in addition to visiting cultural institutions and museums locally and throughout his travels abroad.

Memorable Experiences

  • Sailing down the Nile in Egypt
  • Hiking in the Swiss Alps
  • Attending the Sundance Film Festival


  • Travel and exploring new places
  • Walking, running and hiking in the mountains or by a lake or ocean
  • Boating

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