Cassie Lama

Senior Account Supervisor

About Cassie

Chris Kapsalis

As a Senior Account Supervisor, I’ve had the chance to work across many brands and with people from all over the globe. Creating memorable experiences for members of the trade and consumers has been the focus of my work at Legacy Marketing.

After making the move from Michigan to Chicago in 2014, I started at Legacy as an Administrative Assistant. I was completely new to the experiential industry, but I learned pretty quickly that this was what I was passionate about and I worked hard to learn as much as I could from my colleagues. The people I’ve met and the connections I’ve made are what keep me excited about the industry and even though it’s been a year full of change, I think we have the opportunity to create amazing events and experiences in the future.

My passion for connecting people and creating experiences goes outside of my job at Legacy. I am constantly planning activities and nights out for my friends – and in a city like Chicago there is so much to do!

Memorable Experiences

  • The Garden of Elyx Event at Tales of the Cocktail 2019
  • Coachella Music Festival with friends in 2015
  • Hanging out at Zebra Lounge with friends – my grandparents met at this bar in the 1940s and it’s still open today


  • Health and wellness – working put is extremely important to me both for physical and mental health!
  • Fashion and shopping have always been a hobby for me – I love putting together outfits and sharing them on IG.
  • Spending time by the water – my cottage in West Michigan is my favorite place to be in the summer.

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